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Documents associated with Title V

Title V

9/1/2014 Publication 7 Alaska Maternal and Child Health Data Book 2014: Life Course Edition
6/1/2014 Other 7:1 Teen Births and Adolescent Sexual Health in Alaska
2/1/2011 Other 6:22 Teen Pregnancy and Sexual Behavior in Alaska
12/1/2010 Other 2:35 Unintended Pregnancy in Alaska
11/1/2010 Other 2:26 Child and Adolescent Diabetes in Alaska
9/1/2008 Other 3:10 Child Maltreatment in Alaska
8/1/2008 Other 2:37 Youth Risk Behaviors in Alaska-Tobacco Use, Alcohol Use, Drug Use
7/1/2007 Other 2:20 Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV among Women in Alaska
6/1/2007 Other 1:10 Low Birth Weight and Preterm Births in Alaska
6/1/2007 Other 1:13 Fetal and Infant Mortality in Alaska
6/1/2007 Other 1:11 Birth Defects among Infants and Children in Alaska
5/1/2007 Other 1:12 Prenatal Care in Alaska
5/1/2007 Other 1:16 Breastfeeding in Alaska
4/1/2005 Other 3:17 Youth Violence in Alaska
4/1/2005 Other 3:14 Sexually Transmitted Diseases and HIV among Teenagers in Alaska
4/1/2005 Other 4:2 Oral Health among Children with Special Health Care Needs
4/1/2005 Other 3:1 Early Identification and Intervention among Children in Alaska
4/1/2005 Other 3:8 Child and Adolescent Physical Activity
4/1/2005 Other 3:7 Child and Adolescent Overweight and Obesity
4/1/2005 Other 3:3 Child and Adolescent Oral Health in Alaska
4/1/2005 Other 3:9 Child and Adolescent Nutrition in Alaska
4/1/2005 Other 3:11 Child and Adolescent Mortality and Injury in Alaska
4/1/2005 Other 3:2 Child and Adolescent Mental Health in Alaska
4/1/2005 Other 3:5 Child and Adolescent Cancer in Alaska
4/1/2005 Other 4:1 Characteristics and Issues of Children with Special Health Care Needs
3/1/2005 Other 1:18 Unintentional Infant Injury in Alaska
3/1/2005 Other 1:3 Prenatal Tobacco Use in Alaska
3/1/2005 Other 1:5 Prenatal Marijuana and Cocaine Use in Alaska
3/1/2005 Other 1:4 Prenatal Alcohol Use in Alaska
3/1/2005 Other 1:9 Pregnancy-Associated and Pregnancy-Related Mortality in Alaska
3/1/2005 Other 1:6 Perinatal HIV Infection in Alaska
3/1/2005 Other 1:2 Oral Health Care among Pregnant Women and Women in Alaska
3/1/2005 Other 1:15 Newborn Metabolic Screening in Alaska
3/1/2005 Other 1:14 Newborn Hearing Screening in Alaska
3/1/2005 Other 1:8 Maternal Mental Health in Alaska
3/1/2005 Other 1:7 Maternal Illness and Complications During Pregnancy in Alaska
3/1/2005 Other 1:17 Infant Sleep Postion and Co-Sleeping in Alaska
3/1/2005 Other 1:12 Fetal Alcohol Syndrome & Other Effects of Prenatal Alcohol Exposure in AK
3/1/2005 Other 2:4 Contraception Access and Use in Alaska
3/1/2005 Other 3:4 Child and Adolescent Asthma in Alaska
3/1/2005 Other 3:16 Child and Adolescent Access to Health Care in Alaska
3/1/2005 Other 2:1 Breast and Cervical Cancer Screening in Alaska
10/1/1995 Other 1:6 Early Intervention Services in Alaska and Part H of the Individuals with Disabilities Education Act